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Yes, it's true. If you scroll down far enough on your Google search of "CranioSacral Therapy" or "cranial sacral massage" you might find one article that calls CST pseudoscience.


Same can be said of chiropractic care or acupuncture and a number of other modalities that have been the legitimate saving grace for thousands of people who continually find relief from one or more of these modalities.

I could write pages and pages on why CST is simply amazing. AND you must know that it's a light touch therapy with focus at your head, spine, and sacrum so if you need full body, heavy pressure, I'm not the therapist for you.

Similar to receiving acupuncture, CST puts you in that dream state of not quite awake, not quite sleeping. You'll often get up from the table feeling like you've woken from a deep, restorative rest.

With CST, we're treating the home territory of your nervous system. When we release tensions on the brain and spinal cord, all of your body systems function more optimally.

NMT was the very first manual therapy that I was exposed to in massage school. Trigger points were another mind blowing phenomenon that just made so much sense.

It was also the foundation of my clinical massage work because it really taught me assessment and treatment. Thank you James Ivaska for being a great teacher and mentor!

NMT is specific and direct touch. It's the deepest touch I'll use in only the places that need it.

It's the pincer grasp at the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the pin and stretch of your psoas.

If you have chronic pain, it's often the modality we'll tie in to interrupt the feedback loop of a tense muscle.

Your fascia is the three-dimensional web of connective tissue that's interwoven throughout all your muscles and organs including your brain and spinal cord.


When I took a deep dive into the world of manual therapy techniques, MFR blew my mind. It took the concept of "muscle memory" to a whole new level. And similar to the inner wisdom we access in CST, in MFR, we're touching into consciousness.


I know, sounds out there, but when you receive the work, you'll GET IT because you'll FEEL IT. And if it's not for you, that's OK too.


MFR can be just as light as CST and the touch goes deeper as we use sustained holds to give the ground substance in your fascia time to change from viscous to more fluid-like.


Protective, holding and bracing patterns from past accidents and injuries plus their associated emotions are often released with MFR as they are in CST too.

My brand of somatic coaching is a culmination of practitioner experience, my own self-development of mindfulness, and trainings I've taken with Linda Thai and The Embody Lab. 

If you've taken a yoga class or meditate, you understand how observation of sensation and feelings can open you to a whole new world of deep knowing and healing.

I take you through this in real time as you experience my touch and bring full body awareness to your mind, heart, and energy.

We might uncover emotions you've been unconsciously storing away. Often it's simply awareness that helps them shift.

We work together in service of your healing. We'll go at a pace that feels safe. I attune to you.



If you're living with chronic pain, you might not remember a time when your body didn't hurt. In many cases, you can become pain-free again and sometimes pain becomes a part of everyday life and we manage it.


In my work with clients, we stay open to all the possibilities without putting pressure on the body to respond a certain way. Your body has it's own unique process and path of healing. And when speaking of healing, we mean, "making whole again."

Here are avenues to consider when exploring your process and path. Click on the modality to discover a practice or practitioner that I've enjoying working with!



Image by William Farlow






If networking in support of entrepreneurs and creatives was a full time job, I'd be first in line to sign up. Some people feel weird about sharing information and resources. They don't want to appear pushy. I share info because I want everyone to know what's out there. I don't believe in gate-keeping and there's plenty of work for all of us!

This list is a compilation of trusted practitioners and fellow business owners putting their best foot forward to make a sustainable living. Personality is key in figuring out the right fit when it comes to referrals. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll make a  discerning recommendation.


Lisette is an incredibly talented jewelry maker. Catch her at a pop up market, online, or meet with her to create a custom piece. Both Aaron and I had pendants made by her and we absolutely love them. She's incredibly thoughtful and caring.

Josh is an up and coming freelance photographer currently specializing in wedding photography. He follows in the footsteps of my dad and sister in pursuing a love of capturing life's amazing moments. He's got a great eye and a big heart.


I've known Amanda and her amazing bodywork for over a decade. Her energy is palpable (pun intended) and her heart is just ever-expanding. She's also a kick-ass writer and aspring dance fitness instructor. I love her massages and classes!

I love, love, love each and every practitioner and staff member at Alexandria Myotherapy. Everyone is phenomenal!


Mary is our rock star office manager on the phones from 9am to 3pm, Mon-Fri.


Dina's Ortho-Bionomy is life-changing. Rita's massage is sublime. Her clothed bodywork on the mat is my ultimate favorite, but really you can't go wrong with any modality you choose! 

Teneisha's lymphatic cupping massage with hot stones is incredibly restorative. Leane and Ayumi know just where to press to release the tension.


Sheri and Allison are highly skilled with fascial work and Marc is your go-to guy for overall stress relief!


Darla's Reiki is out of this world and she's super experienced with CranioSacral and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Practitioners at the Teal Center are excellent as well. Jasper Werntz and Cathy Cahill are my personal faves, but you can't go wrong with anyone here when you arrive with an open mind.


I've been part of the Local Motion community for several years now and it's been amazing to see how it's grown its non-profit mission to make dance accessible TO ALL. It's a welcoming place for people of all ages and abilities to experience the healing power of movement and being in community. Try a class! You won't be disappointed! 


If you're wondering why there's so much talk about the nervous system these days, it's because we ALL get dysregulated at some point in our lives. It can happen when you live through a traumatic experience like a pandemic or a tough childhood.

Your nervous system is adaptable until something major throws it off and you become stuck in an unhelpful mind-body pattern. Luckily, there are easy ways we can get it back on track.

There's breathwork and yoga. Exercise. Hiking. Trauma therapy. Music. Dance. Meditation. Quality time spent with family and friends. BODYWORK. COACHING. Etc. Etc. Etc. BOOKS. WRITING. 

What are your go-to tools for nervous system regulation?


Books and writing have been my natural self-care practices since I was little. The one time I got lost in the mall while growing up, my family found me at the book store, reading. Books give me so much comfort.

Similarly, I remember my very first journal and all the ones that came afterwards. I recall the huge journal dump I made after a divorce. It was incredibly liberating and to this day, I don't keep writing unless it really resonates with me. 

You might try writing intentions or prayers or journal to manage your worries. It can feel very grounding to simply take pen to paper and feel yourself letting sh*t go. The angst doesn't need to stay inside. 

Try different practices to see what works for YOU. Set aside time to dive into the books and podcasts that spark your curiosity. 


This short list includes books I often recommend to clients. They've impacted me enormously. And if they don't land the same way for you, that's OK! My intention is for your to CREATE YOUR OWN WAY.

Disclosure: Click through on the title to purchase a book via my affiliate link with I'll receive a commission for the sale and we both get to support independent bookshops!


During pandemic, my empathic abilities shot through the roof. Almost everyone felt this shift as we were pushed into high alert due to COVID. Cyndi Dale's work led me down a super fun rabbit hole of metaphysical, energetic, and spiritual exploration. This book helped me understand the world of intuition and the multitude of tools we can access to feel resourced and grounded, why we keep repeating unhelpful patterns, and how we can change.


If you haven't realized it yet, many healing modalities are aiming for the same things. We get to choose the route that most aligns for us. I don't "surrender" easily and faith is something I only started to develop this past year. I resist religion so much because it has the potential to create groupthink where we lose diversity of thought although in Judaism you are encouraged to question (which I absolutely love + appreciate having been raised Catholic). In this money book, you'll begin to really understand that we're just here to be ourselves and share our gifts with the world. We might think we have a choice in how this shows up and for the most part we do. AND we'll often refuse to accept the path of least resistance because we can't seem to get that life can be easy, meaningful, and abundant. Stop seeking status. Start receiving.


This book, like Energetic Boundaries, is reading you return to over and over. Each time you reread a passage, you realize a new perspective at just the right time. Caroline Myss translates the etheric into easily understandable concepts for daily living. I'm so not religious, yet spirituality has been my foundation for moving foward in this nutty world. Invisible Acts will help you understand how the universe guides you to uncover your personal power.


Shadow work is often misunderstood, yet it's the sh*t that frees us from judgment and self-loathing. People can be very quick to condemn others for addictions when in reality we are ALL addicted to something. This book helps you unhook from the false tales ego creates to separate us from the love we crave to receive. It's always there for us. Very often we just can't see it or feel it because we think there's something wrong with us. You're not broken. You don't need to be fixed. Illness and pain are teachers in life and once we refuse to make them our identities, true self emerges to guide you inward to rest in inner peace and your great bright light. There is no good or bad. Nonduality is the jam we can spend the rest of our days pondering. Integrating shadow leads you to be in your light.


Deb Dana does a fantastic job of explaining how your nervous system works in this book for the layperson, not the clinician. Her suggestions are miraculous tools that you can tweak to make your own. The key to creating nervous system regulation routines that stick are to customize them for your personality and lifestyle. The more tools you have, perhaps the better. If you tend to get overwhelmed and love routine, stick to your tried-and-true one or two strategies. The main point is to be consistent. Your body, especially your nervous system, thrives on regularity. Over time, you'll observe your tendencies and learn how to manage your default responses, making life a lot more enjoyable and less stressful!

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