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5 Nervous system regulation tools to check out!

Here's a list of tools and resources that you might find so, so helpful for nurturing and regulating your nervous system:

  1. THIS PODCAST by To Be Magnetic gives you a great run-down of how your nervous system works, why it's important to care for it, and how to self-regulate. Bonus info includes how a well-regulated nervous system can help you manifest your dream life.

  2. THIS PODCAST by Mark Groves featuring Sarah Baldwin goes even deeper into how nervous system dysregulation can affect your relationships and what to do about it. Attachment theory is not just a trend or an opportunity to attach to a label. It can change your life.

  3. THIS BOOK by Deb Dana is excellent for kick-starting a daily nervous system regulation practice. This link leads you to my affiliate site with so you can have an opportunity to support me and independent booksellers. With every sale you're donating money to indie bookshops and me (I get a small commission).

  4. THIS BOOK by my Reiki teacher, Frans Steine, highlights a spiritual path for nurturing your nervous system. Frans teaches Reiki from a traditional, Japanese perspective that respects the roots of this awesome healing modality. The system of Reiki has become my #1 resource for grounding and returning to my center.

  5. THIS PLAYLIST by a student of Frans, Maria Kammerer includes one of my most favorite regulating tools for when I'm driving to work! Her chanting of the Reiki precepts in Japanese is so soothing and grounding. How can you go wrong with contemplating on not worrying, not getting angry, being grateful, being true to yourself, and being compassionate to others?

Peaceful woman practicing Reiki meditation at a mountain

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